March 20, 2008

Convert uif Images in Ubuntu Linux

In my windows ages I was used to make backups in uif format. Sofar I couldn’t find any way to transform these images back from .uif to .iso. For all the people out there who don’t know what uif is:

Universal Image Format(UIF) is a powerful compression image file format for backing up CD/DVD. It is fast, reliable, and has rich set of features which include password-protected, data encryption, MD5 checksum support and much more. UIF can not only contain the complete data of CD/DVD just like ISO image, But UIF also supports backing up multi-session CD/DVD, Audio-CD, VCD, SVCD and DVD-Video.

Before I was always using magicISO in wine or virtualbox. Today I found a great tool to do that right inside ubunt. Just get the tool here and compile it and have fun!