May 10, 2009

Installing Adobe Flash Plugin in Mozilla Prism on Linux

Today I gave Prism a try. I have several websites, which need a proxy to get access, but for others I don’t want to use the proxy at all. So I created a new configuration to have the site available in one click. After starting up the first time, I realized, that the Adobe Flash plugin is not installed. After stumbling around the web I found out that basically only the needs to be copied to the plugins folder of Prism.

This is a bit tricky, because there is no plugins folder in Prism by default. So I started with
root@HASS:/opt/prism# mkdir plugins
for creating the folder in the right place.

Next I tried to locate the Flash plugin file with

As a result i got

The next step was copying this found file over to the newly created plugins folder
cp /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/ plugins/.

From what I saw, this problem does not happen on other platforms.