June 9, 2010

SIOCSIFADDR: No such device eth0 VirtualBox

A SIOCSIFADDR error occurs if you move VirtualBox VMs between hosts, because the MAC changes.

To resolve this on a debian host just remove the entries in


December 3, 2009

Keeping SSH Session Alive

Preventing a SSH connection from dropping while you are inactive or waiting for a script to finish is quite easy. If you are on a Ubuntu or Debian client you only have to add one line to

ServerAliveInterval 5

In OSX the config file for ssh can be found in /etc/ssh_config.

Actually this line sends a keep-alive packet to the server every 5 seconds. You can change the interval as you like, but for me it works best with 5 seconds.

Alternatively you can also use the parameter when connecting to the remote host. The command looks like this:

ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=10

August 18, 2008

Make backlight adjustment work in Ubuntu on the Panasonic CF-R7

I was struggeling with the backlight quite for a while now. But finally I found something which finally works.

First you need git core installed

sudo aptitude install git-core

Next you checkout the module

git clone git://git.myrix.net/pana_acpi

The next step is compiling and loading the module

cd ./pana_acpi
make install
modprobe panasonic_acpi

At this point you can already check if the brightness buttons are working.
Next copy ./pana_acpi/acpi/* to /etc/acpi
and restart the acpid daemon.

/etc/init.d/acpid restart

This module should work on all the 7-Series from Panasonic. I only tried it out with my CF-R7.