November 17, 2009

Waterdrops captured at 2000fps

The video shows the weird behavior of water drops when they fall into a pool of water. They don’t directly merge with the rest of the water, instead they start bouncing off the surface for several times becoming smaller and smaller. With the help of the special slow motion video camera used, this effect can be shown.

[youtube n5bsQ_YDYCI]

[via mental_floss]

November 16, 2009

Vespa Seats at Office FTW!

Nice idea on how to recycle parts of a Vespa in a stylish way. See more of their creations on their website.

[via Bem Legaus!]

October 21, 2008

We got a photo request from Schmap Las Vegas Guide

My wife just got mail that a picture from our last Vegas trip got on the short-list from Schmap. It seems that the editors found that picture on Flickr, where we also uploaded some of the pictures we made on the trip. The picture they want to publish is this one here.

The picture was taken by my wife while we were driving on the strip on a very hot day in September last year. I am actually quite curious to see it in the next issue.