May 8, 2007

Skype 1.4 alpha for Linux

Finally they released a new version of Skype for Linux. Improvements and new features are:

  • 02.05.2007 Skype for Linux
    • Major user interface overhaul.
    • Audio quality has been improved.
    • Calls are now contained in a separate window.
    • Chat history can be loaded in time-specific increments (rather than ‘recent’ and the very slow, ‘all’)
    • File transfers are now grouped in a common window, and similar transfers are also grouped together.
    • Event history now contains chats and other events in addition to calls.
    • Sound files are now located in /usr/share/skype/sounds. This directory will be configurable later, however the sound files from the original Skype 1.4 package should be placed into this directory for now.
    • The top menu bar has been removed. You can access the Main Menu by clicking on the ‘cog wheel’ down the bottom left of the client, or by right-clicking on the system tray icon.
    • Add/Search users can be accessed by clicking on the Green + button in the bottom-left corner.

But there is still no way to make video calls :/ But it is nice how they handled the thing with the menu. I also didn’t find a way yet to make this with a plugin. In the beginning I used Festoon on windows, but this is not available for Linux.

I just found another glinch. In my taskbar they changed the program logo to vector style but they still missed the chat icon.


If you want to get the new version of Skype head over here.

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