September 14, 2006

Install OSX 10.4 (Tiger) on an eMac with iPod

Due to the fact that my eMac has no DVD-Drive and the update for 10.4 is on a DVD, I had to get to a workaround, which works quite well.
First you need to rip the OSX DVD with a program of your choice. (Toast/Drop DMG on mac or there is a program for windows called TransMac)
In transmac select “Tools”->”Disk/CD Image”->”Save Image of disk/CD”

After transferring the *.dmg image to the eMac, connect the iPod with the firewire cable, go to “Disk Utility” an select the iPod.
Erase it.
Restore it, when it asks you what to restore , select the image we made from the DVD before.

Restart the Mac and hold the < option > key during startup to boot from the iPod.

You should now be able to install OSX 10.4 on your DVD-Drive-less eMac.

Add: Somehow it is not possible to boot from the iPod 5G (and i think its the same for iPod 5.5G) with firewire cable :/

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  1. November 12, 2008
    fire708 said...

    OMG this saved my A$$. You can also partition the ipod and copy each disk image from the install set to a partition.

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